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The Significance of Cables And Tracks

Your garage door moves up and down thanks to the intricate workings of its cable and track system. But when things go awry—like frayed cables or misaligned tracks—the entire operation grinds to a halt.This is where we come in with our expertise. Our technicians know how to get those parts back on track (pun intended).

Potential Issues With Your Garage Door Cables And Tracks

- A snapped cable: When a cable snaps, it means you're stuck either inside or outside because that heavy garage door isn't going anywhere.
- An off-track issue: If your garage goes off its tracks, it might not close completely leaving gaps for intruders or animals, not what you want.
- Frayed wires: Frayed wires may seem minor but they can quickly become major issues if left unattended over time.

If any such problem arises, don’t worry – Peterson’s got your back.

Maintenance Is Key To Longevity

Maintaining your garage door cables and tracks isn't just about fixing issues when they arise. It's also about prevention. A little TLC goes a long way in ensuring these components last longer.At Peterson, we make sure to check the tension of your cables during our regular maintenance checks and ensure that everything is well lubricated for smooth operation.

The Perks Of Professional Help

Garage doors are heavy, and their parts are under a lot of pressure - especially the cable system. So trying to fix them yourself can be dangerous. It's wiser to have experts take care of it, as they possess the correct equipment and expertise.