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Peterson’s Expertise in Panel Replacement

You'll find no better place than Peterson for getting those pesky broken panels replaced. Our skilled technicians possess extensive knowledge about various types and brands of garage doors, making sure they use exactly what suits best with yours.

  • We begin by assessing the extent and nature of damage on your existing panel,
  • Then proceed with removing old parts carefully so as not to harm any adjacent sections,
  • Last but certainly not least; installing brand-new ones fitting perfectly into their slots without causing any further issues.

And the best part? We offer it all for an unbeatable price.

Peterson’s Approach to Quality Service

Quality service is what we aim for, and customer satisfaction is our utmost priority. To make sure you get nothing but the best from us, we follow strict guidelines while performing panel replacements.

  • We use high-quality panels that are not only sturdy but also match perfectly with your existing door design,
  • We make sure that all replacement parts we use come straight from trustworthy manufacturers.